As a physician, we understand that you face many challenges managing your practice, from providing the best patient care to managing the financial health of their practice. That's why we provide comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) services that enable physicians to make data-driven decisions and optimize their business operations.

Our experienced consultants utilize the latest BI tools to create intuitive and interactive dashboards that help physicians gain insights into their practice performance and identify areas for improvement. Our services include analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities that extend beyond the standard Microsoft office suite to deliver affordable, repeatable, and standardized deliverables with dynamic drill-down capabilities for operations, accounting audits, and financial reporting needs.

By automating their analytic reporting capabilities, physicians can free up their existing resources to focus on providing high-quality patient care and seeking new business growth opportunities. Our BI services create new insights, enable better controls, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting, which can lead to improved outcomes, increased profitability, and enhanced overall credibility of decision makers in the process. 

We have extensive technical and business intelligence expertise, utilizing BI tools to develop dashboarding capabilities and analytical calculation support.  Our experienced consultants utilize the latest BI tools to develop custom analytics and dashboards that provide operational transparency to senior leadership for strategy or to determine an appropriate course of action to optimize business.


Dashboard interfacing with a CRM and lead generating internet scraping tool:

As a marketing professionals in healthcare, you know the importance of finding and targeting the right audience for your campaigning efforts to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. We offer customized dashboarding capabilities that can help you quickly navigate through vast amounts of healthcare companies and decision makers to identify the right focus groups for your campaigns.

We have the technical expertise to extract data from multiple sources and visualize it in an intuitive way that allows for easy filtering and informed decision-making based on real-time information. For example, we have created a customized dashboard that combines data from a CRM system's company tables and individual contact tables, enabling you to extract focus groups based on various selected criteria designed for your campaigns.

With the click of a button, you can select multiple filters, default filters, clear all to open up all filters to their original state, making it easy for you to adjust your focus as needed.  This dashboard sifts through 161,000 companies and 109,000 decision makers of those companies to provide information critical to campaign design and delivery.

While this dashboard is currently being used to gather data on individuals and match them to their respective companies, we continuously gather data to ensure its accuracy and completeness.  Check back later for updates.  Please note that the export functionality at the bottom has been turned off on the embedded version of this dashboard but it still demonstrates functionality to serve as a graphical user interface to data for campaign selection.

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Just starting the process of evaluating your needs?  We have the experience and expertise to help you put together the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboarding needed for c-suite decision making to meet your unique circumstances.  

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